Join us every Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm.  We will be following a family devotional by Marty Machowski called “Wise Up” 10 Minute Family Devotions in Proverbs.  The children will rotate reading scripture, the explanation, and prayer.  We will end each day with the Lord’s Prayer.

This devotion is set up for 5 days per lesson so this will carry us through 5 weeks of meeting on Wednesday nights.  On the 6th week, I will provide dinner for the kids and we will use that time for fellowship, to reflect on our previous lesson, WWJD tasks, and of course have games!

WWJD task is a weekly task of “What would Jesus do?”.  Each child will pick something to complete over the next week.  It can be helping a friend with a problem, helping out with a chore at home that someone else is responsible for, sharing the word of Jesus, make a prayer list, and so on.  It can be so many different things! I’m looking forward to hear what the kids come up with.  There will be a parent signature required under their task to confirm that it was completed.  That child will then get a small ‘prize’. 

In the beginning….

Each child will be given a white bag, white binder with paper inside for notes, a pen with a highlighter, bookmark, and Bible.  These materials will be brought to GLOW every Wednesday.

Every year….

The kids and I will decide on service projects to do 1-2 times per year.  If there is something that is close to your heart and would like us to consider, please let Stephanie know.  We will also have fun celebrations of birthdays and holidays.